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Lincoln Hub Masterplan | Warren & Mahoney

December 1 2015

Lincoln Hub is a 62,000m² research laboratory and tertiary education facility located in Lincoln, Canterbury. The Hub will bring together five agricultural Crown research institutes, including Lincoln University, AgResearch, Dairy NZ, Landcare Research, Plant and Food Research, and a number of commercial organisations in three stages within a combined facility that will be the centre of Agricultural Science in New Zealand.


The Hub will operate a single united entity containing over 1,400 staff, 630 of which are scientists. The clusters will be organised on the type of science rather than the organisation they work for, effectively breaking down barriers to communication. The aim of the Hub is to accelerate the development of science and its transfer from the lab into commercial production.


Warren and Mahoney lead part of the strategic briefing and masterplan for the business case which was presented and approved by parliament in 2014. The project challenges embedded cultural and organisational values. We worked with the leadership team to first understand then accept and finally support the goals before extending into more detailed briefing which would form the basis of the brief for the concept phase of the project. Developing the brief for the project required working with the stakeholders at various levels from CEO and VC through to science leaders and lab technicians.


The masterplan was developed through a series of iterative and interactive design workshops held with the science and business leaders of each organisation. As the project evolved this was extended to cross-organisational stakeholder groups which each focused on a specific aspect of the project. There were 14 formal stakeholder groups as follows:

  • 5 science clusters
  • General lab design
  • Shared analytical science kit
  • Education spaces
  • Teaching laboratories
  • Office workspace design
  • Shared public and collaborative spaces
  • External spaces
  • Facilities management
  • Iwi/Manawhenua user group


The project is to be constructed in three stages, the first of which comprises 38,500m²of laboratory, office and educational facilities. Stage one is due for completion in 2019.


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