Our Focus

Lincoln Hub is focussed on growing and plugging into a global ecosystem where industry, education and science collaborate to solve business problems through science-based solutions for the agricultural sector.

Our Focus

The nexus between production required to sustain the world’s growing population and environmental sustainability required to preserve the earth for future generations is the sweet spot in both the vision and expertise of Lincoln Hub.

Connecting organisations to address this nexus and challenge through collaborations, partnerships, technology and testing environments across the globe is how the Hub adds value to business, science and solutions.

Lincoln Hub’s Scientific Expertise

New Zealand has a successful history of creating innovative solutions for the agricultural sector. Lincoln Hub not only has access to leading scientific expertise but can facilitate access to research farms and research facilities, provide visibility of research and proximity and/or knowledge of other businesses along the industry value chain.

  1. Sustainable production
    Accelerating productivity gains, within defined environmental limits, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability.
  2. Land, water and atmosphere
    Enabling the management of land and water resources in line with environmental expectations and customer expectations for product integrity and quality.
  3. Bio-Heritage
    Characterisation and monitoring biota, ecology and ecosystem services, pest and weed management.

Commercialisation of Products & Services

Within our three areas of scientific expertise, Lincoln Hub works with land-based industry to research and commercialise products and services that will:

  • Ensure maintenance of a social licence to operate – Managing production within acceptable environmental and regulatory limits with regard to water, nutrient and bio-diversity.
  • Ensure efficiency and productivity – Increasing the return on production through increases in yield and reduction in costs, and by minimising the potential for bio-security threats and bio-diversity loss.
  • Ensure value improvement – Increasing profits through achieving a premium in consumer pricing from products and services that encapsulate biological heritage values and product integrity.
  • Ensure diversification – Helping organisations diversify existing solutions or land-use to increase profits or mitigate risk.

If you would like to discuss working together on a project, please contact us for further information.